Battle Pong #11 – OPEN BETA

I promised it in the last post, today is the day the open beta is officially open !

Get it on Google play.

Get the APK directly (if you can’t access the Google play service)

Please keep in mind that this is still a beta so you may encounter some bugs, some unexpected behavior but I made sure that many of the blocking/crashing bugs are not here anymore. If you have any remarks don’t hesitate to send them to the dev mail :

First version of the game
Second version after changing the graphics assets
Setting up the polygon and the bonuses
Vertical orientation, timer and new graphic assets

To sum it up

I wanted to develop the game in multiple phases (just like the MCU ;D), the phase 1 was to get to the open beta with a working game. The next phase will be to improve the game after collecting the feedbacks and other ideas that I got. So don’t hesitate to test and comment 😀

Battle Pong #11 – OPEN BETA