Did someone say immersion ?

Hey !

I haven’t posted here since a long time… Mainly because I’m really busy with work and I’m enjoying my free time as much as I can ^^ Well, this post is a post I wanted to do since my return from Korea because as an amateur/junior/young (remove unnecesary adjectives :P) game designer, I feel that the fun part of the games comes from this… Immersion !

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Did someone say immersion ?

Project Maestro

Date : September 2011-December 2011

This project was one of the most interesting of my whole studies. I made this one in Korea at KAIST University. The goal was to create a dancing game for Kinect during the semester. The game conception was divided into 2 main parts.

The first part was conception and project specification using IEEE standards, this part took 3 months, and the second part was implementation which took 3 weeks.

The main purpose of the project was to make a game suitable for old people to enjoy exercising. With this game, we wanted to encourage people to  have fun exercising anytime they want.

The game features :

  • Gestural command inputs
  • Personal profile selection
  • Leaderboards / Records
  • Song/Difficulty selection
  • Intuitive actions
  • Custom game creation

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Project Maestro

Imagine Cup 2011 bootcamp

Here is the video of the Imagine Cup 2011 Bootcamp (French).

We really had a good experience during these crazy two days and we really improved our project during this training session.

The bootcamp is an intense training session for a few Imagine Cup teams (selected by the coachs) to improve their projects but also their presentations.