Why am I making my own game ? (or any personal projects for what it matters…)

Hi all,

I found this Youtube channel called Extra Credits which talks about video games (mainly) and history (sometimes). They talk about different aspects of video games but the reason I am talking about this channel is that many people are asking me “Why are you doing Battle Pong ?” since I clearly don’t plan to become rich thanks to this game. Well Extra Credits recently did a video answering this question very well :

So to take the words from the video, here’s what drives me:

  • Personal amusement
  • Challenge myself
  • Pick up new skills
  • Be able to create something without being constrained

Also I explained some reasons in the first Battle Pong post 😉

Anyway I encourage you to try doing your own projects and explore !

Thanks for reading and stay awesome guys !

P.S. If anyone is interested in creating games they even have a playlist focused on game design !

Why am I making my own game ? (or any personal projects for what it matters…)

Time for change !

Hey there,

After 4 years using the same skin (and having very few activities on the website) it is now time to update the design ! I opted for a cleaner theme with less colors and a layout that could highlight my social media.

This theme also has centered content. Something that was bothering me a little bit with the old theme was that the texts and contents were slightly on the left. Finally, the colors of the website are following the colors of Battlepong 🙂

That’s it for today, expect a stream of updates about the game because right now I’m on fire and it is changing pretty quick !

Time for change !