Battle pong #1 – First steps

I know how to code already but first I guess I have to do some game design before getting my hands dirty…

Doing some game design

I read Level Up ! (very interesting read by the way !) when I was working on Sleeping soul for Imagine cup. The book provides guidelines on game design and one of the first stages on finding a publisher is to pitch your game. In order to do this he layouts a process that goes from a one page presentation to a full game design document (from my understanding, a game design document is a full specification on how the final game will be !).

I will not go through the whole process BUT I think that it is still interesting to sum up the game features. So I will try to layout the game using the One Sheet sample from the book.

Battle Pong concept overview

Android smartphone game

Target age : 15 – 30

Rating : E

Game summary : Internet has never been safe from viruses attack, fortunately with the emergence of new technologies, you now have the ability to strike back. The shield system is designed in a way to bounce back the virus to the original attacker ! Be agile and tactical with the use of scripts. Fight back and take down the enemy computer using unexpected moves to take down all their cores.

Game outline : Players will defend their cores against the virus and will have to destroy the enemy cores to win. Sometimes scripts (bonuses) will appear and can totally turn the tide of the battle. The enemies will have different shapes and different core configurations so the player will have to find strategies to destroy the cores.

Unique Selling Points

  • Classic pong game updated
  • Fight different types of enemy each with its behavior and shapes
  • Bonuses giving you special abilities to break into enemy lines

Similar competitive products :

Battle Flipshot, WindJammers

And as a  bonus…. Here is a super concept art made by…. ME


I think there is still room for improvement especially on the unique selling points sides (and my drawing skills…) but I need to get something working first in order to judge how to add more fun.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading !

Battle pong #1 – First steps

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