Battle pong #0 -A new begining

It’s been a while since I posted here mainly because of work and other personal projects (I admit, I travel a lot too). I finished stabilizing the new features of Corrie framework so now I have time to post a little bit. Anyway this post is the first of a new series called… Battle Pong !

What is this ?

Battle Pong is my personal project, it is a 2D video game using Unity3D engine for Android. This game will be inspired by… PONG (what a surprise…) but also by Battle Flipshot, an arcade Game on Neogeo. This is what the NeoGeo game looks like :

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As you can see the game is a nervous version of Pong where you have to hit all the the enemy coins with the ball. Your character has a special attack as well as a dash movement.

So the gameplay will be basically the same. I am very bad at pixel art so it won’t have the same graphics (I am willing to learn but my first objective is to release the game first).

Why creating this game ?

First of all I want to learn and practice Unity3D in a concrete way. I used to work on OpenGL 3.0 with Java but now I feel it is time to update my skill set. Unity3D became one of the standards in the video game industry and with the rise of VR I feel that this engine will become even more popular.

Second… I like video games so why not create one on my own. Especially if I create a game that gave me so much fun as a kid. Working on a clone of something I like is a good first step.

Third, I keep an eye on the subreddits /r/gamedev and /r/playmygame/. These communities are filled with enthusiastic people who work on their projects. Seeing people working on their own projects everyday and often having it released on a store is inspiring. So now I feel that it’s my turn to give it a try.

A release date ?

I don’t have a release schedule yet but I plan to release it “When it’s done” as Blizzard say. It’s a personal project so I don’t have financial obligations and I would love to make a correct game.

The Setup

Unity version : Unity 5.3.4f1 (the latest release at the writing time of this post)

Laptop: Asus N56V

Graphic assets creation : GIMP V2.8.6

Mobile devices for tests : Huawei Honor 6 on Android 4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy S Wifi on Android 2.3.6.

CVS : Git (Using GitHub)

Project Management (because even if I am by myself I should keep track of the tasks to do) : Freedcamp


What’s next  ?

I’ll  start with the tutorial of a Pong Game to familiarize with the basics concepts for a start ! Now let’s do it !



Battle pong #0 -A new begining

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