The VR Lounge – State of VR #2

Hi all,

As promised in my previous post I will talk about an original place today : The VR Lounge  in Shenzhen !

“Neo-Socializing in VR age”

We got games ! And tissues in case your hands are sweating too much…

That’s the motto of the VR lounge Zombie Party concept !The VR lounge is a place in Baoan, Shenzhen where you can enjoy have VR experiences. Usually they are equipped with simulators, HTC Vives with dedicated space and other cool stuff but since they will soon move somewhere else I could only try the HTC Vive during a Zombie Party.

So now you can tell me “Hey it’s just an arcade with VR, no big deal”. Well let me explain you what is a Zombie party and why is it fun.


Zombie Party ? What’s this ?

So what’s the deal with the Zombie party ? Well that’s  simple :

Playground (or comfy place to lie down when the game scares you too much)
  • Two teams are against each other
  • The game played will be The Brookhaven Experiment
  • Two players will play in parallel
  • The first one to survive wins
  • Then we switch players
  • Repeat until all players have played


So my opinion on this concept ? That’s incredibly fun ! (Unless you end up rolling on the carpet…) and a nice way to meet new people and to be honest being surrounded by zombies while your team mates shout “Hit the head ! Hit the head !” is stressful for you but fun for them. So here are some moments you will go through :

  • Where the hell are these zombies ?
  • Oh I see one, no big deal !
  • Why am I loosing life ? DAMN HE’S RIGHT BEHIND ME !

Concerning the game itself, well it’s scary… Especially when you end up face to face with a zombie (I think this is the “Occasional Pants Wetting” moment that the game developers are talking about). Actually the game always forces you to check your surroundings (which you tend to forget about when you’re focused on a target).

We played a demo version so we couldn’t really enjoy the scariest features of the game but it was a nice preview.


Bonus part

I was talking about two teams before right ? Guess what ? We were only 4 that night because a big group canceled their venue. So we could play some other games before going to the “real stuff”. So in addition to The Brookhaven Experiment we also played :

  • The Lab : Longbow (Aka Robin Hood simulator)
    The game is a tower defense where you have to defend your door against incoming waves of cute enemies. The game is fast paced and can put you into stressful situations when you keep missing your shoots while your enemies gets to the door.
  • The shooter Space Pirate Trainer (aka Dance simulator with lasers and robots)
    The game is a shooter where you have to shoot robots and avoid their shots. Very interesting gameplay concept is that when robots shoot, the times become slower allowing you to avoid/block the incoming threats.
There’s also a projection of the screens of both players so everybody can enjoy

Where is it ?

Well as I said it WAS in Baoan district but now the VR lounge is looking for a new location in Shenzhen.  So if you want to enjoy VR experiences and have an original party with screams, ridiculous moments and fun people, don’t hesitate to help them if you know a suitable place for their business by sending a mail to them. (Oh I almost forgot to mention they have awesome crackers too !)



Have a nice day people

The VR Lounge – State of VR #2

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