Corrie Framework

Hi all,

One year… Maybe a little bit more that I have landed here in Shenzhen, China  and there was no update. So today I am happy to break this update and introduce… The Corrie Framework.

The what… ??

The Corrie Framework.


What is it for ?

The Corrie framework is a UI framework based on Eclipse RAP. The idea is to develop a modular interface system for Web applications. The current capabilities are :

  • UI components relying on Eclipse RAP 3.1 features
  • Ability to connect to multiple database (depending on the user implementation)
  • Extensible Graphics library (for now just includes chartJS graphics + Funnel)
  • Multi-language management.
  • Excel read/write thanks to the POI library
  • Files downloads
  • Built in user session management
  • Constants management (to avoid overloading the database)
  • Basic menu layout
  • Built-in resource management (Pictures, Colors…)
  • Built-in database table editor
  • Built-in user manager
  • Deployable as a WAR file on Tomcat


Why did you create that ?

In my current company one of the biggest challenge was to train my colleagues to programming. I was starting to have good results in Java but we had difficulties with PHP. We also encountered problems with managing HTML/CSS in China because of  the behavior chinese-made browser.

Instead of trying to learn everything, I focused my teachings on Java while simultaneously preparing a framework that the company could use to create new applications. The idea is that everybody trained on this framework can contribute to it.

The idea is to reduce the training time while pushing my colleagues


Is it open source ?

Yes this project is under GNU GPL 3 license, if you modify the existing components in the Github repository, you will have to publish your changes BUT if you create new components, you are free to keep it proprietary.


Cool can I contribute ?

Of course,  you can send me a mail or contact me directly on the Github and we will see how we can manage that 🙂


What’s next ?

First the project will be updated according to the needs of CAPSA, then I will fix the bug and complete the documentation according to the feedbacks I will have.  I will try to setup a roadmap as soon as possible but the next points are probably :

  • RAP branding : To allow a more customizable look
  • Performances optimization
  • Code refactoring
  • Up to you


Why Corrie… ?

In Star Wars one of the nickname of the planet Coruscant was “Corrie”. Since this project will become the part of the technical backbone of the company, I decided to choose an appropriate name !


I’ll setup a demo page soon so please stay updated !


Links :


Eclipse RAP demo

Corrie Framework

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