Did someone say immersion ?

Hey !

I haven’t posted here since a long time… Mainly because I’m really busy with work and I’m enjoying my free time as much as I can ^^ Well, this post is a post I wanted to do since my return from Korea because as an amateur/junior/young (remove unnecesary adjectives :P) game designer, I feel that the fun part of the games comes from this… Immersion !

I mean, how can you enjoy a game if you’re not a minimum involved in it ? Whenever you’re trying to achieve a high score to show the world who’s the boss or when you’re sweating against a very hard boss, this is because you’re really into the game world, into the game rules and THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is probably what will make people turn on their console, their PC or even their smartphone…

In KAIST, I had the opportunity to write down a research review about this subject and I really enjoyed writing this review. I hope that maybe one day, this research review will help someone in his/her work 🙂 Have a good lecture !

Download the file

P.S. Thanks to professor Jong C. Park from KAIST, who allowed me to write on this subject !

P.S. 2 Thanks to Delphine Soriano from CEDRIC-CNAM Laboratory who inspired me this subject, otherwhise I could have picked a more… Controversial topic !



Did someone say immersion ?

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